Hello everyone!

Welcome to the English language website about SKYSTATION.RED and their projects. We are – Ukraine indie games development studio. We make mobile and desktop games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 PC.

We work on some projects. The primary game – Pixel Cops. It’s 3D action about police officers duty. Prepare your car, take a sergeant instruction and let’s go to the street’s patrol! Because of you – LAPD police officer! Your mission to protect and to serve everybody and you must do it! It’s your choice! It’s your life! The Pixel Cops introducing you to difficult and interesting police work. You can patrol streets, pickup dispatcher call, work witch road incidents, shoots, criminal, pursuits.

We have some plans for this game. Pixel Cops – first game but not last. Our team develops the first DLC for this game now. It’s DLC’s name is Pixel Cops: Red Duty. This DLC will have some new police and civil cars, police copter, more map’s locations.

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