About Us


About us

We are a small indie team and we do what we like!

We are ready to help at any time! Email us right now!

We like our projects and our community! We hope in players and developers partnership!

We make games with the soul. For players by the players.

We are – indie!

Sky Station RED is a young team of indie gaming developers who are called to contribute to the history of the gaming industry, to realize their ideas, to open the door to the artistic worlds. We create games with a soul, with a sense of beauty and unforgettable. We create worlds that we ourselves dream to visit. We do something that is fun to play. We are not just creating a product, but to get some benefit and go on doing a similar product. Not. We make games so that we could look back at what was created and say with pride that this is ours. And although we are just beginning our way, and although we are far from being highly qualified specialists from this area, we believe in a great future. We believe in the implementation of their ideas. We believe that everything will be fine. And you have a great opportunity to observe our development and our history.

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years work




But also we, sometimes, do projects of other directions. Among what we did is the County Stories RPG project, mobile action about PixelCops police and a few games that are too early to talk about.

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