My Game City

My Game City

My Game City – 3D Action, opening the solar virtual city on the Pacific coast. Try yourself in the role of the police officer or go in the ambulance, transport of passengers in any place or follow pre-arranged routes. Maybe you have is the soul for salvation iron friends? Then feel like a tow truck driver!

When creating the game we start from the concept of a virtual version of Los Angeles, but all the names of the geographical locations of streets and house numbers tampered with and replaced. Any similarities to real existing objects is random.

Soon on Steam

The game is in development and we are planning early access for summer 2019. Early access will be implemented in the game for police officers, EMS, paramedics and taxi drivers.

Is a fairly large, detailed and detailed game city, with the immersion in the atmosphere of Sunny Los Angeles.

On early access can meet bugs and errors, please report them in our community.