PixelCops: Red Duty

PixelCops: Red Duty

Android & iOS

PixelCops – it’s mobile 3D action about police officers works. Game develop at pixel (voxel) style and create by Unity3D. We have plans for introducing our game to iOS and Android App Markets. Coming soon the Pixel Cops in 2019.

Pixel Cops is free mobile 3D action game for Android and iOS platforms. Prepare your car, take a sergeant instruction and let’s go to the street’s patrol! Because of you – LAPD police officer! Your mission to protect and to serve everybody and you must do it! It’s your choice! It’s your life! The Pixel Cops introducing you to difficult and interesting police work. You can patrol streets, pickup dispatcher call, work witch road incidents, shoots, criminal, pursuits.

What about this game?

This game about police officers works. You will have patrols, traffic stops, and hide speed pursuit.

What platforms will be available?

iOS and Android

Who is to work with?

On the roads of your square will ride bots cars. In total, five civilian cars of various makes are planned for the first version of the game. The quantity will be increased due to different colors. Before the completion of the development and full-fledged access to the markets, we plan to prepare two dozen civilized machines. Including a few trucks, a school bus, and security car.

What Emergency Services will be available?

For game – only PD.

It’s an online game?

No. But we will create an online game in the future. We have some plans:

  • PixelCops
  • PixelCops: Red Duty (with new police and civil cars and with police copter)
  • PixelCops: LA (with EMS and Sheriff’s office)

Support & For media

  • Game support: support@skystation.red or Support Page
  • Partnership: v.vitkovskiy@skystation.red
  • PressKit: download
  • Game forum: link​​​​​​​